2009 Events

The following are the meetings and events of 2009.

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Safety through knowledge!
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Our 2009 Calendar

January 13th FAA Inspection Denis Garcia - Non-Essential Furnishings Program
February 8th Meeting Gulfstream Aerospace, Mark Grunewald - Avionics Update
March 18/19 Maintenance Symposium at CSCC AMT
March 21 District 7 Science Day at CSCC
April 14th Meeting Tempest Plus, Vince Bechtel - Carburetor Operation and Troubleshooting
May 12th Meeting FAAST Team, Mark Kimmel - FAAST Team Information
May 16th Youth Aviation Adventures at OSU Airport
September 8th Dallas Airmotive, John Berchin - APU Mobile Service
September 11th COAGO 2009 at Willow Run Golf Course
October 13th Meeting ASHMC, Inc - Jeff Gruber - Failure to Follow Procedures
November 10th Meeting Flightdocs, Damon Vetere - Flightdocs Version 2.0
December 8th 2009 Holiday Dinner - Kent Wingate, USAF Flight Test Engineer - Villa Milano



FAA Gives January Presentation on Non-Essential Furnishings.

The first COPAMA meeting of 2009 was held Tuesday January 13th at Lane Aviation. It was sponsored by the Columbus State Community College AMT and feature a presentation by FAA Inspectors Dennis Garcia and John Wolfe about Non-Essential Equipment and Furnishings (NEF). The discussion included cabin entertainment systems and new cockpit accessories like Electronic Flight Boards and other NEF items that without the correct documentation by MEL or NEF could technically ground the aircraft.

We wish to thank Dennis and John for their presentation and guidance on this change in Minimum Equipment List documentation. The evening included a discussion about TSA's proposed Large Aircraft Security Plan. For more details on this subject, please see the paragraphs above.

We had an attendance of 54 at this first meeting of 2009 which included 4 students from Columbus State who received Testing Scholarship awards. These funds help pay for written and practical tests that they must pass to receive their Airframe and Powerplant Technician Certificates. We wish them well as they complete their education at CSCC-AMT and start their careers in aviation! Pictured below are (L/R) Joseph Boyer, Rajah Ishwar, Andrew Sisinger and James Wende. Meeting Minutes

Scholarship Award Recipients  Meeting attendees


Gulfstream Sponosrs February and Gives "Future Avionics Upgrades" Presentation.

Our February meeting was held on Tuesday the 10th at Lane Aviation and sponsored by Gulfstream Aerospace. Mark Grunewald gave us a presentation on Avionics Updates that are available now and/or are being required by future regulations. He shared a wealth of information about flight deck upgrades, advanced communications including swift broadband and how regulations through the coming years will point us to an FAA concept of "Free Flight".

Along with Mark, we want to thank the representatives from Honeywell, Universal Avionics and ICG International Communications Group who provided extra details as the presentation addressed some of the various equipment they manufacture. Over 50 persons attended the meeting. Meeting Minutes


March Meeting held at JP's Barbeque, Bolton Field

Our March meeting was held on Wednesday, March 18th, right after the first day of the CSCC Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium. Our Presenter for the evening was Doctor Robert Lewis (Doc Lewis). He is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner AME) and Lead FAAST Team Representative as well as a member of our local Professional Pilots Association and a pilot. The Topic "In-flight Medical Emergencies; and How to Prepare to Survive an Aircraft Accident" gave those who attended this annual event something to think about, in light of recent aircraft accidents. We'd like to thank Doctor Lewis for sharing with us this informative topic!

Our March meeting was held on Wednesday, March 18th, right after the first day of the CSCC Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium. Our Presenter for the evening was Doctor Robert Lewis (Doc Lewis). He is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner AME) and Lead FAAST Team Representative as well as a member of our local Professional Pilots Association and a pilot. The Topic "In-flight Medical Emergencies; and How to Prepare to Survive an Aircraft Accident" gave those who attended this annual event something to think about, in light of recent aircraft accidents. We'd like to thank Doctor Lewis for sharing with us this informative topic!

We also gave out our Tuition Scholarship awards to 5 applicants. Monetary awards totaling $3700.00 were presented to Andrew Sisinger, Joe Boyer, Ian Frias, Rajah Ishwar and Curtis Cox. They all participated in an interview process with our Scholarship Committee members, geared to give them experience for their job search interviews. We wish them well as they graduate from Columbus State and pursue jobs in the aviation industry or higher education. Thanks also to the committee members that went through the applications and interview results to decide the ranking of the applicants based on merit, need and future goals in our industry.

March 2009 Tuition Scholarship Award Recipients
(L-R) Joe Boyer, Andrew Sisinger, Ian Frias, Rajah Ishwar and Curtis Cox

Our thanks to all the vendors who were exhibitors and provided presentations during the two days of the symposium. Several Sponsors also provided additional funding for the dinner. Our many thanks to Standard Aero (Silver Sponsor) and Aerotech of Louisville, Champion Aerospace and Tritex Corporation (Bronze Sponsors). Please click on this Symposium link for more information about the 2009 Maintenance Symposium.


District 7 Science Day held March 21st at CSCC Main Campus


COPAMA participated again this year at the District 7 Science Day on Saturday March 21st. After reviewing the Science Fair Entries from local elementary, middle and high school students that relate to aviation or related technologies, our volunteer judges picked 3 students to receive $100, $75 and $50 for our selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. Two other students received Certificates of Honorable Mention and all five are encouraged to continue their study of aviation related sciences. Click on the logo above for more information about the District Science Day. COPAMA is proud to be a part of this program and help encourage the youth of today to be the aviators of tomorrow!

First Place Award - Jacob DeRodes
Impact of Blade Shape and Number on Wind Turbine Efficiency.
5th Grade Student, Colonial Hills Elementary School.
Follow up article from Worthington News!

See Wind Turbines in the Sky below.

2nd Place Award - Vamsi Pandari
Testing Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
6th Grade Student, Karrer Middle School

3rd Place Award - Christopher Marek
Film Canister Rocket Fuels; Which one will go the highest?
6th Grade Student, Karrer Middle School

Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following Students.
Nicholas Dicarlo, 8th Grade Student, St. Michaels E S,
"How will the Addition of Flaps and Winglets Effect Flight?"
Brendan King, 7th Grade Student, St. Pauls E S,
"Wind Turbines: Effect of Blade Angle on Efficiency.

Thanks go to our judges, Gene Sprang, Cliff Kelling, Paul Tursic, Earl Redmond and Lowell Dowler.


Wind Turbines in the Sky

With the interest shown by today's youth about generation of electricity by wind power, we thought we would show the connection of this technology with the aviation industry. In the early years of flight as electrical devices were developed for aircraft safety and utility, some of the first generators mounted on aircraft were wind driven. Mounted on wings or fuselage where the slip stream or prop wash could power the device, these generators provided power for the first lighting and radios. Today military, air transport and larger business aircraft are equipped with emergency power generators called "Ram Air Turbines (RATs)" or "Air Driven Generators (ADGs)" to provide electrical, hydraulic or both types of power in certain failure modes of the aircraft.

One of the manufacturers of these devices is Hamilton Sundstrand. Their Ram Air Turbines are the heart of their Emergency Power Systems that fly on Airliners, Business and Military aircraft around the world.


April Meeting Features Tempest Plus.

Our April meeting was held on Tuesday the 14th at Lane Aviation and sponsored by Tempest Plus. Although April showers fell outside, those in attendance enjoyed dinner and an informative presentation by Vince Bechtel from Tempest on "Carburetor Operation and Troubleshooting" which was FAA approved for IA renewal. He gave us a short history of Tempest Plus and their two divisions, Volare Carburetors LLC and Tempest Accessories which produce fuel pumps, oil filters, dry air pumps, filters, valves, regulators and electric stand-by vacuum pumps.

Vince informed us of their ties with Lycoming and Continental with OEM status on many applications. He encouraged technicians to visit their website that includes product and servicing information on their many components. Tempest is also engaged in continual improvements to their products and recommended that the fuel bowls of their carburetors be emptied every 100 hours to remove water and contaminants. We want to thank Vince and Tempest Plus for sponsoring our meeting and the wealth of information he provided. Meeting Minutes


May Meeting Featured FAA FAAST Team Presentation.

Our last COPAMA meeting before the summer break was held Tuesday May 12th in Lane Aviation's media room at Port Columbus International Airport. Many thanks to our guest speaker Mark Kimmel, Airworthiness Program Manager, FAA Safety Team for his presentation on the FAA FAAST Team and their website resources.

Click here to view the meeting minutes or here for more information about the FAAST Team.


Summer Break



Dallas Airmotive Sponsors September Kickoff Meeting.

Our first meeting of the fall was held on Tuesday, September 8th. This year's Kick-Off meeting features a "Pig Roast" cooked again by our friend and member Rod Myers and was sponsored by Dallas Airmotive. John Berchin gave a presentation on their "APU Mobile Service" focusing on Dallas Airmotive's history and their support capabilities for the Honeywell GTCP36-100 & 150 APUs as well as the various propulsion engines they repair. Their Mobile APU Repair Vehicle was on display to show how their technicians can come right to your aircraft with the ability to repair many issues and eliminate the need for installing a loaner. Please visit Dallas Airmotive's website to learn more about their overhaul and repair capabilities on Turbine Engines and APUs.

46 persons attended the meeting which included Marines from VMFA 224 that were in Columbus to change a engine gearbox on a F/A 18. Many thanks to Dallas Airmotive for sponsoring our September meeting!


7th Annual Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing.


The weather was beautiful and the golf course in great shape for this years COAGO event held on Friday, September 11th at the
Willow Run Golf Course. The data is complete and the photos included in the report.
Please click the link to get all the details of this wonderful day of Golf.

2010 Golf Outing Report

Click the link above to see Summary of the 2010 Golf Outing.

 Team Photos and other information from the 2009 Event are available on request.

Many Thanks to our COAGO 2009 SPONSORS!

Breakfast Sponsor - Dassault Falcon Jet

Snack at the Turn Sponsor - Lane Aviation

Lunch Sponsors - Gulfstream Aerospace and General Dynamics Aviation Services


Beverage Cart Sponsors

Apex Aircraft Detailers, Capital City Get Center, Honeywell and Odyssey Aviation


Trophy Sponsor - Standard Aero


Hole Sponsors

Aero Battery, Inc., AirNet Systems, APRO, Aviall, Bombardier Aerospace, Dallas Airmotive, Dassault Falcon Jet, Duncan Aviation, Flight Safety International, General Dynamics Aviation Services, Gulfstream Aerospace, Indianapolis Jet Center, Nationwide Pentastar Aviation, Safety-Kleen Systems Spirit Avionics, Standard Aero and Tritex Corporation.

Team Sponsors

Aero Battery, Inc., Aerodynamics Inc. (ADI), American Electric Power, Apex Aircraft Detailers, Columbus State Community College, Dallas Airmotive, Dassault Falcon Jet, Duncan Aviation, Lane Aviation, Odyssey Aviation, Pilot-Tax.com, Safety-Kleen Systems, Spirit Avionics, Standard Aero, Stevens Aviation and Tritex Corporation.



October Meeting Presentation About Safety

Our October meeting was held at Lane Aviation on Tuesday, October 13th and Sponsored by American Safety & Health Consultants. Unfortunately, James Pryor II was unable to attend due to an emergency but we've invited him back next month to speak on "The 10 Key Employee Safety Responsibilities". We want to thank Jeff Gruber for stepping in on short notice to give his FAA Approved presentation on "Failure to follow Procedures"

Dinner included 5 different chili entries in what's becoming the annual "Chili Cook-off". We want to thank all who provided their own recipes and the sponsors who provided prizes for the raffle.

A short business meeting was held to accept nominations for candidates to elect to 3 positions on the Board of Directors in November. Our nominees are our current board members Joe Lippert and Paul Tursic who have expiring terms and Bill Reinert Jr. and Paul Gillenwater. Donna Bricker is leaving the board after many years of service as past treasurer and board member to pursue her business Concierge Services Unlimited. We wish her well and thank her for dedication and contributions to COPAMA.


November Meeting Featured Flightdocs.com

Our November meeting was held at Lane Aviation on Tuesday November 10th and Sponsored by Flightdocs.com a web based aircraft maintenance tracking provider. Damon Vetere gave the presentation on Flightdocs upcoming upgrade to version 2.0. He showed some of the step saving changes to the program including support for fleet and certificate holder operations. He also gave examples of the many aircraft that they support.

We also were provided additional information by James Pryor II from American Safety and Health Consultants titled 'The 10 Key Employee Safety Responsibilities". He emphasized that safety starts at the CEO or upper management level of a repair organization or corporation but needs the help of all employees to pursue a safe work environment. He also warned us of a change in policy at OSHA that will bring aviation shops and facilities under the same rules that exist for light industry. The target date for OSHA 300 program start is within the next 12 months.

This meeting also included the election of 3 candidates to serve on our 2010 - 2011 board. Congratulations to our newly elected board members Joe Lippert, Paul Tursic and Bill Reinert Jr. Our many thanks to Paul Gillenwater for his willingness to run for the board and Donna Bricker, who leaves the board in December after many years of participation in COPAMA as a charter board member and Treasurer.



2009 Holiday Dinner Big Success at Villa Milano!

Our Holiday Dinner, which we co-host with the Professional Pilots Association (PPA) was held at Villa Milano Restaurant, 1630 Schrock Road, Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday December 8th, 2009. Main Raffle proceeds benefited the Sam Dodge Memorial Scholarship Fund which is part of the Columbus State Community College Development Foundation.

Our speaker for the nights entertainment was Kent Wingate who is a retired engineer from the US Air Force Flight Test program. He now is the Chair and an Assistant Professor at Sinclair Community College Aviation Technology. Kent's presentation was titled "There I was... Experiences of a Flight Test Engineer" was both informative and entertaining for all who attended. We wish to thank him for being a part of this years event!

The evening was filled with good food, entertainment, great raffle prizes, friends and holiday spirit. Our many thanks to the Villa Milano Banquet and Conference Center for the use of their facility, their helpful staff and a wonderful dinner!

Many thanks to our Holiday Dinner Sponsors! They were..

Diamond Sponsor: Lane Aviation

Gold Sponsors: Dallas Airmotive, Duncan Aviation and Honeywell Aerospace

Silver Sponsors: Capital City Jet Center, General Dynamics Aviation Services, Hawker Beechcraft Services, JSSI, Rapco, Inc. and Dassault Falcon Jet

Bronze Sponsors Aerodynamics Inc. (ADI), AircraftLogs.comand Landmark Aviation Standard Aero

2009 Holiday Dinner at Villa Milano


Raffle prizes for the Sam Dodge Scholarship and COPAMA Scholarship Funds

          Donna Bricker and Gene Sprang with Donna's Award Plaque.                 PPA President Ken Ramos addresses attendees.

Part of the nights activities was to say Thank You to departing Board Member and Treasurer, Donna Bricker. She was one of the Charter members of the board and served as Treasurer from 2002 through 2007. After starting her own business Concierge Services Unlimited she has spent most of the past year developing her clientel and leaves the board to continue its growth. We wish her well and thank her for the many years of service both in our local chapter and with the National organization.

Good food and drink help the celebration          Entertainment Presentation by Kent Wingate

Kent gave a wonderful presentation which included some candid photos of then secret aircraft in development. He explained some not readily known issues involved in taking an aircraft from design, through development and into final production, his first project being work on the test aircraft program that became the F-16 Light Weight Fighter.  He showed photos of the many aircraft he worked on and has seat time in.

Kent's presentation included photos and videos from various sources including NASA and the USAF. We want to thank him and his wife for sharing their experiences with us and being a part of the 2009 Holiday Dinner.

The evening concluded with raffles that raised $545.00 for the Sam Dodge Scholarship Fund which is part of the Columbus State Community College Development Foundation. 2 sets of Blue Jackets tickets donated by Nationwide raised $240.00 for the COPAMA Scholarship Fund.

We wish to thank our many Sponsors that donated Raffle Prizes for both of these educational causes.

Aero Battery, Dallas Airmotive, Duncan Aviation, Gulfstream, Hartzell Propeller,
Hawker Beechcraft Services, Comlux / Indianapolis Jet Center, Lane Aviation, Nationwide, NetJets, Standard Aero, Tritex Corp and Universal Avionics




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