Ohio Aviation History

Some historical facts of Ohio's contributions to the Aviation Industry after the technology leap by the Wright Brothers.

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The Aviation History of Ohio

Beginning in a Bicycle Shop in Dayton.

With the passing of House Resolution 444 in 2008 to create a National AMT Day, I thought it might be interesting to explore the world of aviation in our great State. Ohio became a State on February 19, 1803 and 100 years later, the Wright Brothers, with the help of Charles Taylor and a few others, created the first heavier-than-air, powered aircraft to make a sustained, controlled flight with a pilot aboard. The rest is aviation history which will be 104 years old this December. Since that first flight on the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, Ohio's Sons and Daughters have been at the forefront of Aviation. Their contributions span all aspects of military and civilian aviation and Space exploration.



A while back, we left you with the question "How many astronauts are Ohio natives?". The answer is 25 with many familiar names like John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and the late Judy Resnik from the Challenger crew. NASA has provided a webpage that lists all their names, their profiles and has a downloadable poster of all their images. Along with the 25 native astronauts, the site includes those who are/were affiliated with Ohio, either working or now residing in our State. Please check out the information at the NASA website at
Ohio Astronauts and Ohio Astronaut Info Graphic


Columbus Regional Airport Authority  (CRAA)

CRAA History Document


Three of the Columbus area airports are overseen by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which includes John Glenn International (KCMH), Bolton Field (KTZR) and Rickenbacker International (KLCK) Airports. Their website lists key features of facts about them and the CRAA History Document is a downloadable PDF file that lists the benchmark events through their existance



Our main airport, John Glenn International, first opened in 1929 as Port Columbus International Airport (KCMH).  It evolved into the main air transportation facility for Central Ohio , providing FAA Air Traffic Control terminal radar coverage, US Postal Service Airmail and a host of other aviation related services to Central Ohio.

Please visit CRAA CMH Website for information on the airport"s historic path of development. Wikipedia also has a page about KCMH and expands on the history of the airport.

For those visiting our site, we'll ask if you can answer the following question: Do you know where the airports identifier CMH came from? Answer!



With it origin as Lockbourne Army Air Base, a B17 and Glider training base in 1942, the airport has transitioned through active Air Force Base, Air National Guard Base, and now the International Airport and Free Trade Zone. Originally named for the nearby village of Lockbourne, Ohio, it was renamed in 1974 after World War 1 Ace and hometown hero, Eddie Rickenbacker.

Please visit the CRAA website to learn more about the airport's rich history, The Tuskegee Airmen, The 121st Refueling Wing, the men and women that still serve our country there and it's contribution to today's Central Ohio economy.



The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends Airshow, gave us time to explore some of the local history of the airport that hosted the event.

STALLION 51 who helped host the event has a report on their website with photos of the aircraft, pilots and celebraties that were in attendance that spanned 4 days. Please visit by following the link in the header above.



Bolton is a General Aviation airport located on the Southwest corner of Franklin County. It serves Comercial and Private aircraft owners / operators and is home to the Columbus State Commmunity College's Aviation Maintenance Technology facilty on Alkier Road.

Many aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics have graduated from here since it's move from CSCC main campus downtown on Spring Street. It has also been home to many flight training groups and flying clubs.



One of our airports rich in history and is ranked among the top airports in the country. The Ohio State University Airport, also know as Don Scott Field (KOSU), has ties back to World War I when aviation was in it's infancy. Read about it's history as a portal to Central Ohio providing education, transportation and commerce. It is the home of OSU's flight and aviation training facilities, the Ohio's Department of Aviation including the Ohio Departments of Transportation, Natural Resources and Highway Patrol, Beightler Armory, MedFlight and private and corporate aircraft. The airports website also provides links to information on the many flying and service organizations that use the facility and call it their home!



The Ohio State Highway Patrol celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008 which included many years of aviation history. The Central Ohio OSHP Aviation group comprised of both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft is based with the other Ohio Department of Transportation - Aviation Division based at OSU Airport. Please Click Here for an extract on their past contribution to aviation and additional links to the Highway Patrol website. Congratulations and Thank You OSHP for your service and protection over the years!



The past is full of historic contributions that Ohio has made in advancing the Aviation Industry. Today, some of those same manufacturers and corporations are making history by being part of Boeings 787 Dreamliner.



NASA celebrated 50 years of aeronautics and space flight excellence in 2008. A number of activities and special events were conducted throughout the year at the Center and Agency levels leading up to NASA's 50th Anniversary on October 1, 2008. For details about those events at Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station, please visit the GRC 50th Anniversary Web site at: NASA 50th Anniversary Page

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