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Here are some common questions and answers about COPAMA.

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Safety through knowledge!
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2018 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium
March 15, 2018
CSCC Center for Workforce Development
315 Cleveland Avenue,
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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Recent Events

COAGO 2017
Friday, September 8th
Kyber Run Golf Course

Tuesday May 9th
Dr. Richard Wetherald
Aircraft Ownership Cost

Tuesday April 11th
Dr. Mike Stretanski AME
BasicMed 3rd Class Medical Changes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I join COPAMA?
  2. Where can I find information about PAMA and COPAMA?
  3. What are the figures on the COPAMA Logo?
  4. How can I find if a meeting will cancel?
  5. What is the cost to Sponsor a regular COPAMA meeting?
  6. When are the regular meetings?

How do I join COPAMA?

  • It's simple! If you're a member of PAMA National, you already are a member of COPAMA. While we encourage our members to join the PAMA National organization, we never turn away anyone who is interested in Aviation Maintenance.

    When recently asked by a CSCC AMT Student what the requirements were to be an active member, the reply was simply "be active"! Attend the monthly meetings, join in the many events we host and sponsor and give back by helping on a committee or a number of other ways.

    The same goes for our regular members. Your help, input and regular attendance at meetings helps all of us. We all know that aircraft break, the kids have a soccer game or any other of the many reasons you can't make every meeting. Just try to make the ones you can! As long as our attendance remains steady to provide an opportunity for the Sponsor to save time meeting everyone individually, they'll still support us and keep the meeting topics interesting!
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Where can I find information about PAMA and COPAMA?

  • The best place for information on PAMA National is their website at You'll find a wealth of information on membership, governmental issues, training and other issues in Aviation Maintenance. They even have a Face Book page to keep you up on current topics and comment when you want to add your input.

    This new COPAMA Website should provide answers to many topics and will include our historical record back through 2006, our bylaws, future meeting topics and event information. The About page is a good place to start and the Contacts page provides easy ways to contact us for other details you might be interested in!
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What are the figures on the COPAMA logo?

  • The original logo was a simple State of Ohio outline with the Wright Flyer and DC-9 aircraft images positioned inside it's boarders. The words Central Ohio Professional Aviation Maintenance Association surrounded the outside of the image.

    With COPAMA ready to start it's second decade of operation, the logo has been updated and now sports a cross plan view of the Boeing Dream-liner and the name horizontal across the top and bottom.
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How can I find out if a meeting will cancel?

  • We've had to cancel a few meetings in recent years, mostly due to winter weather warnings or emergencies. There are other potential reasons that cancelling the meeting is the only safe thing to do, so we set up a contingency plan to deal with the notification of our members.

    When a challenge to the safe completion of a meeting occurs, the Board of Directors review the threat and, if necessary, notify the group by the website and broadcast emails. Just like the National Weather Service has Watches and Warnings, we will email you to advise that the meeting may cancel or has cancelled as the circumstances dictate. The website will contain the latest information about the meeting and will be the first place to check if you haven't received a notice by email.

    If you're on Facebook or Twitter, we've just set up a group on both social networks and will use them as a tool to reach out to our members when problems with the meeting occur.
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What is the cost to Sponsor a regular COPAMA meeting?

  • Our current charge is $375.00 which provides catering for a simple dinner at the start of the meeting. This allows attendees to come straight from work and have some time to wind down before the evenings Presentation.

    We regularly have 30 or more people in attendance giving a sponsor a big bang for the bucks to reach potential maintenance customers and contacts. Your company will appear on our yearly report page and contacts page with hyperlinks to your company website. This also allows our members visit or send others that might need your services some time in the future.
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When are the regular meetings?

  • We meet on the second Tuesday of the following months: January, February, April, May, October and November. We take the summer months from June to August of because on the increased activity of aircraft.

    The Maintenance Symposium in March, Golf Outing in September and Holiday Dinner in December round out the remainder of the year and dates differ from the Second Tuesday rule.
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This page was last updated on 09/14/16.