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Safety through knowledge!
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Our Next Event:

2018 Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing
September 7th, 2018
Willow Run Golf Course

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This is a collection of aviation related videos and web links for your enjoyment.

Recent Events

Vote on Proposed Changes to the
COPAMA By-Laws Meeting.
Monday, April 23rd at
CSCC Bolton Field.
5355 Alkire Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: (614) 287-7100

2018 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium
March 15, 2018
CSCC Center for Workforce Development

COAGO 2017
Friday, September 8th
Kyber Run Golf Course

Tuesday May 9th
Dr. Richard Wetherald
Aircraft Ownership Cost

Tuesday April 11th
Dr. Mike Stretanski AME
BasicMed 3rd Class Medical Changes

Future of COPAMA discussion

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